The State Diagnostic and Counselling Centre

The State Diagnostic and Counselling Centre is a national institution dedicated to improving the lives of children with developmental disabilities and their families. We are committed to helping children with developmental disabilities achieve their potential and enjoy success in adult life by providing early intervention, multidisciplinary assessment, counselling and access to resources.

The centre takes care of children from birth to 18 years of age. The main clinical groups are children with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and various neuromuscular disorders. The centre offers long-term follow-up clinics for children with complex or rare disabilities

The work is based on the principles of family-centred services which emphasize sensitivity and respect for the culture and values of every family. Parents are encouraged to take active part in decisions regarding the child┤s services and to participate in intervention programs when possible. We work in partnership with paediatricians, psychologists, pre- and primary school specialists, therapists and various developmental teams around the country. Referrals to the centre are mostly made by these professionals.

The centre is responsible for educating parents and professionals about children┤s disabilities and principal treatment methods. Every year, numerous courses and workshops are offered for that purpose. We are also involved in clinical research and various projects in the field of childhood disabilities in cooperation with local and international teams.á


Greiningar- og rß­gjafarst÷­ rÝkisins

Digranesvegur 5 | 200 Kˇpavogur
SÝmi 510 8400 | Fax 510 8401
Kennitala: 570380-0449

Skiptibor­ er opi­ virka daga
frß kl. 8.30-12.00 og 13.00-15.00


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